Sunday, August 24, 2008

The newlyweds
My sister Dani and Avery's new uncle Matthew are now husband and wife!  Their wedding was just beautiful and their reception was quite the party:)
The week before was a blast we had a family reunion, a very exciting 80's bachelorette party and a nice dinner at the Koelikker's house the night before...
And best of all Scott made it home just in time for the wedding.  Although as you can see he was absolutely exhausted.  Congrats Dans and Matthew.  ( I will post more wedding pics later).

Monday, August 11, 2008

Here is a picture I found of Holden, Conrad, Scott and
Luke on the Nicaragua surf report blog. Aren't they all so cute:)
Here is another one of Scott. Looks like they are having waaaay too much fun. Aves and I are jealous:)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Dear Dad,
I hope you are enjoying the waves in South America:)
I surfed a frog at the commons. Miss you.
Love, little Avery girl
Scott took off on a well deserved surf trip to Nicaragua and Costa Rica!
Aves and I headed down to enjoy the festivities before Dani's big day...
Her shower was fantastic,  I wish Scott and I could have another one of these:)
It was fun hanging out with the fam...
My poor little baby girl was sick for the shower but she was a trooper:)  Scoots we miss you:) 
The Orange County Fair...always a good time
Macady and Aves made a cute square dancing couple...
Me and Hays and Ave loved people watching
Avery loved seeing the animals in the petting zoo
And being there with all her pals
We also watched the bmx bikers which turned out to be quite entertaining.  Only thing missing was Scott:(  We missed you Scotter!
Scott is done with the bar!
Avery was soooo excited to have her daddy back from Ontario
We went out to celebrate and got some italian ice after dinner the lady selling them told us our mouths might turn blue and as you can tell by the photo they sure did:)
Finally together again:)
Avery kept holding her hands above her head and laughing when we were strolling her around.  I think she thought she was on a rollercoaster ride.  So glad to have Scott back from studying:)