Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Behind on Blogger
It's been almost 2 months since I last updated so here are a bunch of posts in a row:) All is well with our fam. We LOVE our Liam boy and our Avery girl and they are both growing up faster then we imagined.
Liam is now a mover, talker, sitter, baby food eater and water lover. Avery is still our spunky funky girl. We are off to the river tomorrow and can't wait! It's Liam's first time:)
Water Babies
Just like his big sis Liam LOVES the water! Swimming is his new favorite hobby:)
Fun in the sun at the Catamaran Resort. Can't wait for summer!
Tree Swinging
We went with a bunch of friends out to this amazing tree swing. It was awesome. Avery had no fear and had a blast swinging around!
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Hip Hop'n Easter
Easter was wonderful. It's one of my favorite holidays. Avery had a fun time celebrating with her Joyschool class
And we had a wonderful time celebrating with family. Smith parties are always wild and crazy! This one was nothing short of that:) Happy VERY belated Easter!