Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vandyland came to town
We had so much fun with the Vandermydes last weekend. We went all over B-field. We took the kiddos to Murray Family farms which they loved and boogied it up at the Crystal Palace. We wish they were our neighbors so we could party all the time. Come back soon Tanno, Wintey and Map!!
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mr. Golden Sun~Welcome back~We missed you
Avery and I were so happy to feel the 71 degree weather today. We celebrated with an outdoor lunch party. The hot sun made us hungry for some ice cream so we set off on a bike ride in search of the perfect ice cream cone...
we settled for one scoop of rainbow sherbet at Thrifty but after Avery's first lick she said "yum yum yum delicioso" :)
After our delicioso ice cream, we rode over to the grocery store and picked up too many groceries for our little bike trailor trunk. Avery had to ride with some of the groceries on her lap and the trailor was awfully heavy to peddle home:) We sure LOVED the sunshine today and hope it sticks around for a while!
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Monday, January 04, 2010

Worker Bees
The McDonald clan came to town and brought their gardening gloves. They helped us with some last finishing touches on our house and with this...
the demolition of our long cement runway out to our ... helicopter pad/dance floor? It was pretty ugly and we have been wanting to get rid of it since we moved in. Scott, his brother and Dad broke the whole thing up with a sledge hammer (now we can finally plant the rest of our grass:). We also got to celebrate a second Christmas with the McDs and enjoy some time together. It was great. Thanks for all your help guys:) Posted by Picasa